Clarisonic Mia 2

Yes yes yes, I was one of many people who have been thinking about Clarisonic face cleansing brush, and after long considerations & many reviews read – finally got it!

It’s been around 2 months I am using it daily and I have a settled opinion about it.

So let’s begin from how it looked when I’ve got it! I chose this Clarisonic & Lancome collab set, so basically for the same price I have got a few Lancome products.

I bought it on Feelunique with a discount code, so it was even cheaper! I also have 15% discount code for you to be used on Feelunique: WG7G2WBD64


The box that it came in is brilliant – you get instructions how to use this brush straight on it, without trying to find in a booklet which, to be honest, I never read!


Then inside you have a smaller box with Mia 2, and the little white box is full of Lancome products.


Blue bottle – eye makeup remover, little black bottle – face serum, and white bottle – cleansing gel to be used with your Clarisonic. I don’t fancy this eye makeup remover, unfortunately there is absolutely nothing special about it so I would not buy it separately. Currently I am choosing micellar water by Garnier which does an even better job removing my make up than this one. Serum is ok – I have better serums, and I am glad that I have almost used this up. Finally this cleansing gel is amazing – it has a very thick consistency and is very comfortable to use. 1 out of 3!




And here is our brush! It has a charger, travel case and it comes with a little Clarisonic own brand face cleansing gel. I have not tried it yet, currently saving it for travelling!

Mia 2 itself is very easy to hold in hand, very light and good looking babe!



It has 2 speeds, beeps every 20 and 10 seconds giving a signal that you have to move on the next area of your face. After using it for a few months I can say that it was worth the money. My skin has not changed dramatically, it did not clear my spotty and pimpled skin but it made it look much better. I love how my face feels after using this brush in the evening – silky soft and moisturised. I have a dry skin and it did not made it look worse (I have read comments on the internet that it might not be good for dry or acne prone skin). It just feels good using it. If I would have to choose again whether buy it again or not, probably I would buy it. I think the most important thing is to watch what we are eating. If you are thinking to get Mia 2 to clear your acne prone skin (as I did in a way), but after using it you will eat a tasty fat slice of pizza – forget it! But if you want it as a good cleansing brush – go for it 🙂 It will massage your face and remove all remaining makeup bits.


This is how my skin looks after using Clarisonic Mia 2 for a while. Normally even when I am wearing makeup I can see little bumps through makeup, but when I am using this brush regularly my skin looks even with makeup.


iUnique xx



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