Goal – Healthy & Shiny Hair.

I used to have incredibly long hair, but one nice day I have decided to experiment with them and I had an extremely short bob! As in most of the cases, I want my long hair back 🙂

This is my current hair situation:


Natural colour, quite well grown and extremely soft! I have tried so many products in my hair growth & care journey, and I will share my current favourites with you. They will not exactly guarantee a hair growth, but I can promise that your hair will look and feel amazing! And just for your reference – in this pic my hair is only blow dried, no straighteners used!

I keep changing my shampoo & conditioner and I don’t have a favourite, so I’m not going to mention them. My best hair friend number 1 is this Macadamia hair mask. It’s just amazing! I’m using it once or twice a week for a few minutes while I am showering, and simple wash it off. It makes my hair look healthy and feel very soft. And most importantly – my hair is never dry again!


The second ”I can’t live without” is this Tangle Teezer hair brush. Everybody knows it already so I don’t need to explain myself! It’s just an amazing brush, detangles my hair very well.


When I know that my hair is going to be frizzy, I always massage 1 pump of this Frizz Erase by John Frieda into my damp hair. It doesn’t make my hair greasy which is brilliant! I can trust this product and when I use it I know that my hair is going to look nice and smooth.


If I wand my hair to look shiny (who doesn’t?!) I spray this Dry Oil Mist all over my damp hair. It has a lovely sweet scent, and to be honest spraying this product on my hair became my new ritual! It just feels so good!


And if I am not using Frizz Erase by John Frieda, I am using this leave in mask by Revolution. If you have read my previous blog post about LookFantastic Beauty box, you should know that I have received this product from them. And I am loving it! I don’t usually like leave in masks as some of them makes my hair look funny, but this one makes it look smooth and shiny. I am definitely going to purchase a full size bottle! I really recommend everyone to try this!


And the last product, not really a hair care but I am loving it! This is Batiste dry shampoo – really lovely, travel size, always helps me to get rid of greasy hair when I am traveling! Really a very handy product to travel with.


That’s about it! You don’t really need hundreds of products to make your hair look nice and healthy. All you need is to do a research and find the best products that suits your hair type 🙂 And products like shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, heat protectors etc. – most of them does the job, so I have not mentioned them in this post.

With Love,

iUnique xx


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