The Most Loved Body Moisturisers

I have a dry to very dry skin type. Strangely I have never been using any creams and moisturisers until a year or two ago.. And now I feel that it was a huge mistake, as my skin used to look dry, dull and really crappy!

Now I can happily say that my skin looks great, it doesn’t get dry at all and I feel confident to share with you my favourite body creams & moisturisers!

Nr.1 Dove ”Derma Spa” Body Cream.

I love the whole ”Derma Spa” line by Dove. Honestly, Dove is one of my favourite brands – very affordable, nicely packaged, good quality and smells heavenly! This cream is thick, has a lovely sweet scent and easily absorbs into your skin. I love how my skin looks & smells after using this cream! It’s not greasy, and thats a huge plus from me 🙂


Nr. 2 The Body Shop ”Passion Fruit” Body Butter

Now – I really like body butters from The Body Shop. Not all of them – it’s better to go to the store first and sniff ’em all 🙂 I found that some creams have quite an annoying and unnatural scent, but this one is one of my loved scents! It’s extremely thick, very buttery, and can get greasy. It’s best to use it in the evening before going to bed, this way your skin will be nice and moisturised in the morning. I like to use it in winters, I really would not recommend it using in summer, especially in a day time when you are about to go out in sun! I tried this once, never ever again I’m doing this!


Nr. 3 Dove ”Derma Spa Uplifted” Body Lotion

I keep re-purchasing this lotion all the time! It has a very liquid texture, smells sweet. What I like about it most – it really uplifts my skin and my legs look more sturdy! I really love that, because sometimes my legs don’t look as good as I want them to. You can use it any time, it’s non greasy at all, and after applying this lotion you can put your clothes on and go out straight away – it’s that good!


Nr. 4 Dove ”Derma Spa” Hand Cream

I would say that it is identical to the body cream from the same line. I decided to include this in my favourites only because that it is perfect for hands and has a very lovely tube that is extremely comfortable to hold in hands! Mine looks dirty already, as I always have it in my messy handbag 🙂


Nr. 5 Vaseline ”Spray Moisturiser” in Cocoa Radiant

I am so lucky I have accidentally found this amazing product! It comes in different scents,  I picked up cocoa one. Just spray it on your body and spread it all over it. I like that you don’t need a lot of it, and it’s extremely moisturising! This will definitely be my number 1 in summer – what can be better than a spray moisturiser?! Exactly, nothing 🙂


Nr. 6 Eucerin ”Hyaluron Filler” Night Cream

Let’s not forget our beautiful faces! Currently I don’t have a favourite for my morning & day use, but I can strongly recommend this night cream. It’s thick and soothing, non greasy. I would say that it is perfect for ageing skin. Well – I’m 26, and unfortunately my at this age skin is ageing already 😦 As I have mentioned previously I have a dry skin. Because my face used to be extremely dry, my forehead wrinkles looked huge and pretty bad.. Until I found this cream! It looks like it filled my wrinkles in and my skin looks a few years younger, and wrinkles are barely visible! This cream is a GOLD! Also previously I’ve been using Clinique ”Moisture Surge” anti-wrinkle moisturiser, I think it helped a lot as well (to read about it refer to my previous blog post about my fav Clinique products).


Nr. 6 Caudalie ”Grape Water” Spray

And last but not least – this face spray from Caudalie. It’s natural. It soothes. It moisturizes. It refreshes. It’s suitable for sensitive skin. I just love it! You can use it under or on your make up, you can spray it as many times as you want, because it’s natural! This will be my second best product for summer – just drop it in your handbag and spray it on your face or even body whenever you feel hot! Animal lovers will be happy – this product is against animal testing 🙂


These are all my favourite current body moisturisers! I really love each one of them and will be re-purchasing them many times again and again.

What is YOUR favourite body moisturiser? 🙂


iUnique xx


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