Paris, oh my lovely Paris..

That’s right, we went to Paris for a few days. Even the weather could have not been any worse, we still enjoyed it and we are definitely coming back! But only in summer, just to be on a safe side 🙂


If I would have to describe what kind of traveller I am, without thinking I would say: FOOD! All I think about is what I’m going to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. I’m that bad! And I see travelling as a good opportunity to try various dishes. Paris is ideal place for food lovers – they have the best food I’ve ever tried! All amazing desserts, baguettes, crepes, crispy fresh sandwiches, lovely spiced butter and, of course, French fries!







I have not taken any pics from the restaurants, but food was incredible ❤ However most of the restaurants are overpriced and a complete rip off!  But for holiday we can splurge a little bit 🙂

Food, oh my beloved food… I am back to dieting again!

Architecture and Surroundings.

The second thing I love about traveling most is architecture. I can spend hours and hours walking around, looking at those amazing old buildings thinking how they were built and what amazing things a human being can do!


Even the weather was not the best, we still enjoyed our short journey!

It’s a city of love, fashion, shopping, relaxing & simply enjoying life!

The ones who love shopping – definitely check Sephora out! Just find a bigger store to have a better variety of beauty products.

Paris, we are coming back next year!


iUnique x


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