Review: Highliters.

I had High Beam by Benefit & Bourjois Brow Beauty Touch Pencil in my ”Watch list” for a while. Summer is so close now, so I have decided to finally buy them and create a fresh & glowing summer look for myself!

High Beam comes well packaged as all of my beloved Benefit products! It is liquid and looks very natural on your skin. I swatched it on my hand as per last picture. Near the swatch you can see blended product – it’s almost invisible, but has such a natural and healthy glow! Love this product already!

Comparing with my fav Mary Lou Manizer dry highlighter, it’s absolutely different. I would choose to wear High Beam at a day time when I want more of a natural look, and Mary Lou Manizer and other strong glittery highlighters only in the evenings when I am going out.


The next product I have purchased is this highlighting pen by Bourjois. This is my first highlighting pen so I don’t have anything to compare with, but I like it already! It’s not creamy, has a slightly pinkish undertone and looks like it’s going to last for ages!

I will use it to highlight my brow bone, water line and inner corners of my eyes.


So far so good! Very happy with my recent purchase! Both offer a very natural highlight.


I bought them on as they always have good deals!

Here is a refer code with 15% discount for first-time-buyers 🙂  15% discount


iUnique xx


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