Collistar Magica BB Cream & Benefit ”Gimme Brow” Review

Today I will review 2 natural look favourites: Collistar Magica BB cream and ”Gimme Brow” gel by Benefit. Collistar Magica BB cream is my old time favourite. Pricey, but worth each penny.

Benefit ”Gimme Brow” gel is new in my make up bag, but I love it already!

Collistar Magica BB cream comes in 2 colours: Light medium & Medium deep. Don’t try medium deep unless you have extra dark or tanned skin! It’s extremely dark. For fair & medium skin tones I would recommend Light medium.

It has SPF 20, is brightening and gives a very nice glowing colour to your face – just like on the packaging! It looks super natural, stays on perfectly for at least half a day, has anti-age action. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and it’s ideal for no-make up look and hot days when you don’t want any make up on but still need something on your face.



The texture of this BB cream:


Some pics to show how this BB cream looks on my face:

Without any make up
With Collistar Magica BB cream

You can barely see any difference! And that’s why I love it. It just evens your skin tone and makes all problematic skin spots disappear. It makes the skin feel silky soft and hides all little scars & deep pores.

It has a light coverage, so do not expect it to hide your acne markings or any other problematic areas (like my under eyes). I just love that fresh look like no any other BB cream I have tried can give!


Benefit ”Gimme Brow” eyebrow gel. After reading soooo many reviews and product comparisons on the internet, I have decided to buy this baby, and I don’t regret it!

I was looking for something that could shape & colour my brows quickly and give a natural look. I’m a sleeper, so in the mornings I can’t really be bothered to spend 10mins doing my brows! First thing why I said YES to this product was this little tiny brush.


This little brush is really amazing! Most of the brow gels offers quite large brush which can be tricky to make a perfect looking brow. This gel is in colour Medium/Dark – this is the darkest I could get.

My natural brow
Brow with ”Gimme Brow” gel

There is a clear difference! I loved the fact that it takes a very short time to colour your brows. Also it feels very funny because of the liquid texture it feels ”wet”! Probably only because I am used only to dry brow products.

Brush is amazing, I really like this product! You can use second coat if you want darker brows. I tried second coat as well, but it gave quite unnatural effect, so for me one coat is enough.

I hope my review was helpful! Any questions – just comment below.


iUnique xx


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