New Beauty & Fashion Buys

A while ago I have purchased some beauty essentials, I thought it will be worth talking about.

I have finally tried ”Lumi Magique” foundation by L’Oreal. It seemed like everybody just LOVED it, so I thought why not. And I don’t like it!!! No magic on my skin at all  – does not stay on my skin all day. I bought matching colour, but it still looks weird on my face. It’s orangey and something is just not right! Not repeating this one!

DSC_0281Even I’m not a big fan of hair sprays and any hair styling products, I thought I should have a hair spray for emergencies. I bought this one and it’s brilliant! Does the job, that’s all we need!


I have finished my Dove deodorant with grapes and got a new one with a different scent. I LOVE Dove deodorants and all products in general, they are just the best for price & quality. This deodorant smells amazing, stays on for ages and regardless the temperature outside, it won’t let you smell bad! And it does not leave white stains. When I will finish this one, I will definitely go back to grapes again, after it I will be repurchasing this one again!


Body Shop shower gels. I bought it only because it was on sale! I’m not a big fan of Body Shop shower gels. They are not luxurious, you don’t feel special when you are using them.. Only good thing is amazing smell.


Silver eye liner from The Body Shop. This is something that might be good for emergencies. If you have an unexpected party and want something shiny 🙂 It was on sale as well. Never used it, but it should be OK.


Skin smoothing and brightening serum from The Body Shop. I have noticed an improvement on my skin after using this product for a while. My skin feels more even and looks better. I love that most of the ingredients are natural!


Facial exfoliator with vitamin C from The Body Shop. Facial exfoliators are really helpful removing dead skin cells from your face. Previously I used one by Laura Mercier, and when I finished it I decided to try this one, as reviews were quite good and it is much cheaper than the one by Laura Mercier. And you know what? I don’t like it! Smell is disturbing, and it does not give me a result I am looking for. Previous exfoliator by LM used to brighten my skin as well and it looked really good. This one.. Just exfoliates skin & removes dead cells, nothing else. I will go back to Laura Mercier one.


Multitasking oil from The Body Shop again! I love that you can use it for everything: massage, bath, skin.. Instead of buying many products, you can purchase all in 1!


And the last but not least, is this style essential red POM POM! I just adore it! I have lost my previous POM POM when I was rushing from the bus, so I have repurchased this. It’s always with me, hanging on my bag. I think it gives a black bag and your outfit a nice ”stand out”.



iUnique xx


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