Fav Clinique Products & Dry Skin

If you are following my blog for a while you should know that I have a problematic, acne prone & dry skin. After long search of suitable products for my skin I got stuck with Clinique for a while and used quite a few products from their skin care and make-up ranges.

Here is a short review of all Clinique products I have used!

  1. Clinique ”Superbalanced” Foundation.


Me wearing Clinique foundation & bronzer

Gives medium to full coverage, quite thick. I like that it covers all blemishes and pimples, but it has one minus – after short time you can notice powder on your face, and it makes your wrinkles look clearer! Also if I have some dry patches on my skin, after a few hours they show up.. Even I love the coverage, my boyfriend always asks me ”Why I’m wearing so much powder” only when I’m using this product 🙂  Also I have noticed that after some time I get more pimples on my face.. After discussing this issue with one skincare guru, she mentioned that Clinique foundation might not be good for acne prone skin. Not sure if it is true, but my skin does not love it at all! MINUS from me, sorry!

2. Clinique Bronzer ”Sunkissed 02”

This is my favourite bronzer of all I’ve ever tried! Such a lovely natural colour, not shimmery at all, looks like you have a nice tan. HUGE PLUS from me! xx

3. Clinique Blush ”Bashful Plum”


Such a great dusty pink colour! Great for winter and autumn, not bright at all, looks very natural. Ideal for darker skin complexion owners! PLUS from me!

4. Clinique Moisturiser ”Moisture Surge”


I’m out of it already! It’s a lovely pink cream in gel texture. You need it only a little bit to cover your face and neck. Very moisturising, gives your skin a silky feeling. I love how my skin feels in the morning after using it! Like a silk! PLUS from me!

5. Clinique Cream ”Superbalanced SPF 20”

Moisturises your skin quite well. Has SPF 20, so protects your skin as well. I like it, but I don’t love it, if you know what I mean! It’s a good product, does the job, but I would try something else – for the price you could get a cheaper alternative. Not sure how to rate it. I would give it a PLUS, only because it’s OK.

6. Clinique ”Liquid Facial Soap”


I’ve received this travel size face wash for free when I bought loads of other Clinique products. Not much to say – quite a good facial wash! I have used it only twice, because I am saving it for travelling. I believe this is one of 3 step facial care kit products for dry skin. I might try all of them together to get better opinion, but this wash does not dry your skin like some other facial washes. PLUS from me!

I like Clinique in general, however you should do a little research before buying foundations if you have problematic skin!

Lots of love,

iUnique xx


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