Refreshing & Filling Couscous Salad

I’m not a fan of couscous, but I just made something amazing! You should really try this at least once. Healthy, filling, vegan friendly!

You will need (enough for 3-4 people):

200g couscous;

250 ml boiling water or stock;

150g cherry tomatoes, halved;

1 small cucumber, diced;

1 small red onion, diced;

1 red pepper, diced;

1 handful of sultanas;

Olive oil & balsamic vinegar for sauce.


Place couscous in a bowl, pour boiling water on top, cover the bowl with clingfilm and leave it for 5 minutes. It should absorb all the water. Fluff with a fork and let it get cold.

Place chopped veggies and sultanas into couscous.

For dressing just mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar together, and pour it on top of your salad when serving!

You can also season your salad with salt and pepper, decorate with fresh parsley or coriander leaves.

This is easy to make, delicious salad! Takes only 10 minutes to make 🙂


iUnique xx


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