Let’s Talk Intimate: Gentle Day

This is a topic that not everyone dares to talk about. Private, intimate, for someone shameful… But it is something that all of us, women, have and use!

I was sent all these items by Gentle Day to try them out. And I really liked all of them! Let me say that even I got them for free, this is my honest opinion.


To begin with, I usually get this stuff from any supermarket while I’m grocery shopping – I’m usually too lazy to be bothered ordering them online or looking for some kind of ”magic”.. Usually most of sanitary napkins or panty liners are not very comfy, you can feel them, some of them are strong scented or can give you allergy (one brand was bad for me personally).

And OMG girls – Gentle Day just saved my day! I’m not joking here. I will share some pictures below of all products I got. I really like everything mostly because I don’t feel them at all! Regardless the size, they are so soft and thin so you don’t even feel them. A big plus for GENTLE Day! 🙂 I also like that all products are eco friendly and suitable for anyone who tend to get allergies!

Also I would give a huge plus for packaging. It’s so feminine and cute! All pads & liners are packed in a very good quality plastic which keeps it’s form and always looks pretty 🙂


This intimate hygiene wash is so lovely! I like that it is made of mostly natural ingredients, is paraben-free and smells so lovely! Freshness guaranteed! Full Description


Wet wipes for your intimate care. Honestly I don’t use such a thing, but it should be good for traveling. Just a nice little thing to pop into your handbag while going out somewhere overnight. Full Description


Teens Day pads. Looks big and scary 😀 But actually material is so soft! They have perfect wings, new technology anion strip with odour control, which is also great! It’s hard to talk about something you don’t know much so for more details I will leave direct links to read descriptions. I can only say that everything they are telling you on their website is 100% true! Full Description

Pantiliners with Far-IR Anion strip. Does the job, silky soft and smells lovely! Full Description


And the thicker ones! There are really a lot of good options to choose from. Full Description


So here’s another option for a night time! These are my favourites. Even it looks horrendous (let’s be honest, it does not look very good) it actually is the most comfortable one! And you can be sure that in the morning you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. Full Description


And the usual daily ones! That’s it, my shameful duty is done 😀 Full Description

To sum everything up, I am glad that Gentle Day sent me these items, otherwise I would have never tried them. After using their products there is no way I am going back to the most popular brands again.. If you read what they are made of and compare a few other popular brands with these you will notice that Gentle Day is not only eco friendly, but our health friendly as well. We should really think of what we are using more often.

I will buy them once I will finish these, a huge plus from me! My painful and unpleasant week is comfortable and extremely fresh now. You should really try at least one product to see the difference!

What’s your Gentle Day experience? Let’s chat!

Take a good care of your body, especially on THOSE days!


iUnique xx


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