Delicious Fruit Cake

For this amazing fruit cake you will need the following:

200 g white sugar;

2 spoons vanilla sugar;

200 g butter;

5 eggs;

50ml milk;

250 g self-raising flour;

800 g canned fruits (I used 400g mango fruits & 400 g apricots);

 For Topping:

100 g sour cream;

25 g sugar.


Mix your butter, sugar & vanilla sugar together. Add eggs and mix well. Then add milk and mix it again!

Finally add flour and mix until you get a smooth consistency.

Put some baking paper in your  baking tray and pour your dough in it. Then slice your fruit and put everything in the tray on top of the dough.

Put in in pre-heated 180 degree oven for 35 minutes.

Now prepare your topping! Whip sour cream with sugar for a few minutes until you get twice as much as you had before.


Remove your pie from the oven and let it chill. After a few minutes apply your cream topping and stick the pie to the fridge for 1hr.

Now it’s ready to eat!!! You can add your favourite sweets,  candy sprinkles or serve it with ice cream and maple syrup as I did! Tastes amazing!


Beware that it’s very buttery and quite fat, so not suitable for anyone on diets! But we LOVED it ❤


iUnique xx


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