Zoeva Complete Makeup Brush Set

I have finally decided to invest some money in good makeup brushes. I feel like my oldies by Eco Tools & Real Techniques don’t work as good any more, and I need something higher quality, softer and pretty, obviously!

My choice was Zoeva brushes. This is a fairly new beauty brand, offering beautiful good quality brushes which are becoming more and more popular.

Why not Mac or Sigma? I am not professional make up artist, and their brushes seems too pricey for me – I have better ways of spending my money on! Personally I think that it’s not worth spending so much money if makeup is not your job, or if you do your makeup once a week. My makeup is pretty natural and simple, and I don’t use brushes too often.

Let’s move back to Zoeva brushes! I was pleasantly surprised when I received them. Ordered from Zoeva website Zoeva and received them within 3 working days after placing an order. Shipping was pricey but definitely worth it!

This is my set:


I cannot be happier now! It arrived so fast, packed safely in a medium sized box. I loved the branding and luxury packaging – it is really important for us, buyers!


I love how they look, how they feel on my skin. The choice is big, price is not biting too much! It looks like a good investment, and they are worth all that hype!


Video review will be coming shortly on my Youtube channel:iUnique  However it’s in Lithuanian language.

And like one blogger said: You can have the best makeup, but if you don’t have the right tools it won’t work!


iUnique xx


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