Decorating Your Home

Not sure how about you my dear, but I like decorating my home. Every season I’m trying to get a new accent, something fresh for my home. Before Christmas I obviously splashed out on Christmas decorations as most of us. And now I feel like spring is coming.. Here in London is +11, even in end of January! So I feel like flowers, new scents and something completely new!

Yesterday I found Next Home section. To be completely honest with you, even I adore shops as Next, Zara, H&M etc., I never check their HOME sections. And I missed so much! Look what kind of beauty I found in NEXT HOME. Even it’s quite pricey, I just couldn’t leave without buying these!

Let’s begin from these 2 adorable mugs for me and my loved one. So cute! And now we cannot decide who’s mug is ”Yours”, and who’s ”Mine” 🙂


And of course I could not resist buying matching coasters! It was our 6 year anniversary, so I just though Why not?!


With my favourite ground coffee! Looking good!





Since I decided to hide my Christmas decorations and look for something bright and fresh for my desk, that’s what I have also picked up from NEXT:

2 Sweet tea light holders. Such a great quality!
With my tea light candles 🙂


Such a great idea! I always used to struggle with tea lights, and now I have a solution! And that beautiful white flower (not real) is from TkMaxx. Such a lovely decoration! And I am so happy that it’s not alive, as I am very bad with taking care of flowers..

And the last thing I found in NEXT Home was this cute photo frame! Matching with tea light holders. It is so spring like I thought, and it will be a perfect combination on my working desk! ❤


Must get a beautiful photo ASAP 🙂

I saw so much more of beautiful things there as well, but I will wait for a sale. So sad I can’t buy everything! But now I am happy, and ready for spring!

Do you also decorate your home?





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