Banana Muffins!

I just LOVE bananas. I can eat them every day. And with everything. So why not to bake some banana muffins? ❤

To make 12 big banana muffins, you will need:

200g self raising flour (or plain flour + 1/2 teaspoon baking powder & 1 teaspoon soda);

1/2 teaspoon salt;

1/2 teaspoon vanilla sugar (you can skip this, I just love vanilla sugar!);

3 bananas;

150g caster sugar (or any brown sugar would do the job);

1 egg;

75 grams melted butter.


Make sure you have enough cupcake cases and a special tray!


Hand mixer is always super helpful! 🙂


Melt your butter and let it to get cold.


Mash 3 bananas, add sugar,  salt, vanilla,  butter, egg and flour. Mix everything well!


Fill half of your cupcake cases with dough & put the tray to 180′ pre-heated oven. Bake for 25minutes.


I used white chocolate on top, which is optional!!! Actually I would not use it again, as it gets too crunchy!


Nom nom… Enjoy! 😉



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