Make up Setting Spray Review

I have recently purchased 2 bottles of NYX make up setting sprays, because I noticed that lots of american youtubers are using them for their make up tutorials. Previously I have been using one by Urban Decay, and you can see the comparison below.

To begin with, I have ordered them in the USA to be shipped to London – I found a good deal on Ebay. As we all know, they are quite pricey so when I saw a good deal I just ordered them.


Let’s start from the one that gives you matte finish. First of all I’m not a big fan of matte finish at all, because I have a very dry skin and I think that matte finish makes my skin look dry and tired. After using this spray It really gave me a matte finish, however it didn’t make my make up to stay longer. As all setting sprays this one blended my blush & bronzer together, giving a smooth finish. Below you can see my face using this spray.

NYX ”Matte Finish” Setting Spray


NYX setting spray with dewy finish for me worked exactly the same as the one with matte finish. My skin looked completely matte, even I tried to use it with different foundations.

NYX ”Dewy Finish” Setting Spray

This setting spray by Urban Decay is something I really loved. It’s only 30ml and it costs a fortune, but I am sure it’s worth every penny. As I like it gives you a really dewy finish, your face looks bright and alive! I used it up pretty fast, but for the result it gives you I don’t really mind it. It blends all of your make up perfectly, and the feeling of spraying it on your face is amazing! It’s very light on the face comparing to the NYX sprays which feels like a rain on your face. Also it really helps your make up to stay in place from the early morning to the late evening!

UD ”De Slick” Setting Spray

To sum up, I will never be buying NYX make up setting sprays again. Not only because I don’t like matt finish, but because it does not make your make up last longer.

I will save up and will buy this amazing setting spray by Urban Decay again, just in a bigger bottle. It does everything I want it to do, and regardless the price I really love it!

Lots of love,

iUnique xx


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