Make up collection


Hey ya -It’s me and my make-up collection! I filmed this Youtube video just to show this to my followers. There is a funny story behind – I never used to wear make up, and this small collection was collected in 6 months! And yes – I’m 26..

I’m quite happy that I found this make up world – it’s a really great fun!  And no, I’m not going to be a beauty guru. Making this video and at the same time checking what I have in my make up corner, I found a few really amazing things I could not live without. And how could I do that before?

Lately I’ve also been thinking of who I am, what do I want to do in my life (I have a full time job, however I’m keeping myself busy on my free time).. Should I concentrate in one area? I love cooking, but I love travelling, make up and beauty in general! I have so many great ideas or things I found or created.. So why not to share everything I LOVE with you?

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