Little Black Dress


It’s me again! All ready to see Star Wars. Which was OK. But this post is not about the movie!

Someone asked me why do I look so smart to go to the cinema.  Why the hell not?! A nice outfit always gives you a great confidence. I, personally, always feel great when I like my look. And as I said, and will always say – a woman has always to be a woman! Don’t be afraid of bright lipsticks, dresses or smart heels – it feels so good!

You can never go wrong with little black dress. I got this one from Next years ago, and I’m still loving it! It has a very thick and warm material, and I’m never cold in winter. Jump in some warm tights, your fav heels (I wore my new Aldo booties – these are so comfy & classy!), take a clutch or a small bag and you are ready to rock! I am wearing my Zara chain bag for the first time, and I can feel that it will be my number 1 when going out!

And never forget to accessorise! In my opinion, it is always great to have a high quality watch that goes with everything.  It’s not only beautiful, but obviously very practical as well. I’m wearing my silver watch by Guess and I think it looks really lovely!


iUnique xx


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