How I made Cake Pops!

This was my first attempt to make cake pops! Even I’m not a big fan of them (personally I find them too sweet for my liking), they taste so good! And it’s such a brilliant decoration, makes your table look so festive!

So that’s what we will need to make cake pops:

100g madeira cake;

100g Oreo cookies

1 bar of milk chocolate

1 bar of white chocolate

2 big spoons of sweet yoghurt

Sticks to hold your pops

Your chosen sprinkles for decoration.


First take a big bowl and break madeira cake into small pieces.


Then break all of your Oreos. It will take SO LONG if you don’t have a food processor! You have to keep breaking them until they are in a powdery texture.



I’m such a mess! 🙂 When your ”powder” is ready, melt a bar of milk chocolate and mix it into this cake batter.


So now you have to make round balls from this batter. For me the texture of this cake & cookie batter was too dry, so I decided to put 2 spoons of yoghurt in peach flavour. And it worked! You can add something else if you wish, more chocolate or anything that is sweet. Then go ahead and make your balls!


I made 13 pieces. They were very heavy, so make sure that your sticks will hold them! As my cake pop sticks were very light & easy breakable, I decided to improvise and make them in an unusual way, as you will notice below!

Melt your white chocolate.

And now comes the nasty part! You have to work with that chocolate very quickly and you can’t let it to get cold. I took my cake balls one by one and rolled them in that chocolate. Yummy! And be careful, it gets very painful when you touch hot chocolate!

Because my pops were so heavy I had no choice but to put them upside down! Obviously the top is not that pretty, but that’s why I chose to put them like that in a plate later on.

I spread my chocolatey pops on the baking paper, screwed a special stick in the middle, sprinkled with tiny sprinkles and added some extra chocolate around the stick, in order to make it hold my pops well.


So the job is done! Take your pops to a cold place or your fridge, and leave them for a day.


Here’s my result – upside down pops 😀 They are very yummy, and extremely sweet! I made them just for fun so they are not perfect. If you have guests I would suggest to spread the chocolate with a special baking brush, in that way taking less of a chocolate and making them look prettier. You can also decorate the sticks with tiny colourful ribbons, It would give them a lovely charm.

Anyway I hope you liked my recipe, and never forget to improvise! Make the cooking your playground, don’t let yourself feel like you are working!


iUnique xx


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