Christmas Eve & Christmas Dinner

Christmas Eve dinner is very important to us, Lithuanians. Even I’m not a huge catholic, I like to keep a tradition of having 12 dishes on the table. We usually have fish, herrings, nuts, fruits, vegetables and everything except meat! On Christmas day I’m happy to bake a chicken (turkey for 2 of us is a way too big) and have a variety of snacks with meat.

Here are a few of my Christmas Eve & Christmas dishes I prepared this year:

Chicken with cranberry sauce. It was for our Christmas lunch.

Fried sea fish in flour.


Traditional Lithuanian white potato salad. I can’t imagine any holiday without it!


Crab sticks in dough, deep fried.




Lithuanian cake ”Tinginys”. It’s so tasty and so easy to make! You only need 4 products for this.


Smoked fish.


Herrings with sunflower & pumpkin seeds.


Herrings with onions & carrots.


Herrings with caramelised onions, nuts & cranberries.


Gingerbread cookies. Amazing.


Nothing fancy, but this year we were alone, only 2 of us, so it was more that enough!

I hope You had a lovely holiday! 😉



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