Wish List for the New Year

”New Year – new start” – that’s how all NY resolutions begin…

What’s my NY resolution? First, to start exercising AGAIN. Then do my best in my new job which I’m starting in January! And save as much money as I can. And here comes the difficult part.. I’m a spender, not a saver. I constantly need new clothes, new make up and everything I find pretty. However I came up with a great plan. Well, I think it’s quite good.

I picked 12 make up things I really want, and decided to buy 1 item each month, in this way I wouldn’t spend much money, will save enough and will have spare money for clothes and other things we, girls, must have.

So here is my list for the things I must get next year. If you want to send me a gift, you now know what I like haha!

  1. YSL ”Black Opium” – smells like heaven!IMG_2073

2. Zoeva Eye Brush Set. It’s a fairly priced must have for a perfect eye make-up.IMG_2090

3. ”Diorshow Iconic Overcurl” mascara by Dior. This is the best mascara I have ever tried, and I really need it in my life again.IMG_2075

4. Charlotte Tilbury ”Wonder Glow”. One of the best skin illuminators currently on the market.IMG_2083

5. Liquid highliter ”High Beam” by Benefit. I have never owned this product and I’m really looking forward to this.IMG_2079

6. Eye shadow palette by YSL. It’s very pricey, but look at the colours!IMG_2092

7. Diorskin Star foundation by Dior. I have tried this product in store and it looked amazing on my dry skin! I’m getting it next year.IMG_2082

8. Dior ”Hydra Life” face cream. It’s a must for the ones who have a dry skin. This product is very pricey as well, but we have to take care of our skin, and prepare it for the make up as much as we can!IMG_2077

9. Dior ”Hydra Life Close Up” pore reducing moisturiser. Pores do not look good at all, so let’s fight them!IMG_2078

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills ”Dip brow Pomade” eyebrow gel. I currently own ”Brow Wiz” pencil, and I feel like sometimes I need a more dramatic look, whereas ”Brow Wizz” gives quite a natural look.IMG_2097

11. Emma Hardie ”Moringa Cleansing Balm with Cheansing Cloth”. I heard so many positive reviews about this face cleanser, and I really want to try it out.IMG_2093

12. Pupa ”Matt Lip Fluid” liquid lipsticks. They look amazing on lips! I must get them as soon as I have a chance!IMG_2110IMG_2106

So that’s about it. My little treats for each month alongside with some other treats for my hard work!

What are your New Year beauty goals?


iUnique xx



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