Christmas Mood!

Ho ho ho, it’s me again!

What can’t You live without this Christmas?

This year, as every other year, I’m baking and decorating gingerbread cookies. Yes, I totally understand that I’m pretty terrible in decorating, however they taste like heaven! And it’s true! 🙂


The main Christmas beauty spice is… Bright red nails! With a little of glitter, and the love of your life near you…


Let’s not forget hot chocolate or caramel coffee with lots of cream on top, extra caramel and marshmallows! Christmas is only once a year!


I can’t imagine cold winter evenings without a hot bath, and amazing bath bombs and creamers.. Recently I found Bomb Cosmetics, who are making really amazing bath products, you should really check them out! They are also cheaper than Lush, which is a plus! Look at this lovely snowman Chilly Willy, it was really amazing! ❤


After quite a long break I started reading again, and I’m loving it! If you are struggling with reading as well, just find something simple or something you love. I bought my favourite Youtubers’ Tanya Burr book ‘Love, Tanya’, and I think I am back in this book game! Don’t forget to dress comfortably, and have some oranges or clementines – it’s Christmas!


And the most important thing is Christmas tree! I like setting up my tree in early December, so I can feel and enjoy this Christmas mood much longer! Relax, pack your presents, surprise your loved ones and enjoy this holiday time!



iUnique xx




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