Simple looks are the best

Hi peeps!

Today I remembered my young days, when I used to wear mini skirts, deep v-necks and thought that the more you show the better you look. Same applies to the make up. Ohh take me to the old days and let me fix this!

Today I shot this picture and I thought: simple is more.


Maybe I look better because I’m a grown up now (I’m 26 by the way). But trying to imagine myself with mini skirt and slutty (pardon for my language) top, I think it would be pretty vulgar!

So what I am trying to say with my post today. Dress simple, invest more time in your skin care and make up, exercise to have a bannnnging figure and you won’t ever need to suffer from cold with your mini outfit!

I’m wearing my Zara top, Mango bag, Top Shop red pom pom and Zara bag. With one of my fav Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners.

Stay simple, stay beautiful!

Kisses xx



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