Christmas Came to My House!

Christmas is the best part of the year. This year I started buying and packing presents in late November. Usually it used to be late December, but this year I’m in the mood.

One of my youtube subscribers offered me to do a swap-box with her. What could be more exciting???! Buying presents for someone you don’t know, but wanting that person to love it! I did my best, packed everything nicely, and I’m hoping she will love it! Sorry, can’t show you what’s inside – she might be reading my post!



Also this year I’m sending post cards to all of my friends and closest people! Everyone are getting a little present from me as well. Expensive, I know, but in this 21st century when everyone only sends a text of Facebook message to wish Merry Christmas, getting a real present or a greeting card should be pretty exciting!

My mom already received her present -gold earrings from H. Samuel and she’s loving them! Jewellery is always a brilliant idea for our beloved mommies, and this shop has never let me down!


As I’m extremely excited about Christmas, today I have finished my festive shopping, and next month I’m starting baking! Gingerbread cookies, mini muffins, cake pops, cake… It’s soooo exciting!

And today we have finished decorating our house, and it looks so lovely! My todays bits & bobs were perfect for the fireplace. Huge handmade red plate from TkMaxx will be ideal for gingerbread cookies, small little decorative snack plates are from TkMaxx as well, ideal for snacks! I found TkMaxx as a really good shop, you can find pretty cheap and original things there!



And don’t think I’m crazy – we have a green tree in the same room as well!

One Christmas trick for you: buy presents as early as possible, because in mid December shops are full of people and shopping is not relaxing any more, it becomes more exhausting. Also plan your Christmas dishes & decorations at least a week before Christmas – we don’t want any bad surprises!

Kisses xx





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