My Favourite Holiday – Christmas

I just LOVE Christmas and everything about this holiday.

Food, obviously, plays the most important role. Hot wine, gingerbread & eggnog latte, ginger cookies, clementines, cinnamon.. Everything reminds me of Christmas. First of all I blame Starbucks for releasing their festive hot drinks so early! I’m enjoying those amazing drinks in red Christmasy cups at least twice a week.


I always get some tea and coffee beans from them as well. All their teas are absolutely amazing! Coffee beans are great as well, however I didn’t enjoy their new Caffe Verona Roasty Sweet & Dark Cocoa coffee beans – these are too strong and has a disgusting aftertaste. Sorry Starbucks, but this coffee is one of the worst I have ever tried, even I am a coffee lover!


Returning to the Christmas topic – most of the time on Christmas holiday I am eating and I barely can move! I know it’s weird, but that’s my Christmas!

The second favourite thing about this holiday is decorations. Who cannot love Christmas decorations?! Neighbours decorating their yards, shops decorating their stores at the end of October (I know, that’s ridiculous, but I think it makes us happier) and little me decorating my own house and myself! This year I have started buying Christmas decorations quite early. I’m not sure why, should I blame Starbucks again? Anyway, it makes me happy, even I know that I’m spending too much of money for things I might not really need, but I’m enjoying this! Also I love buying Christmas pyjamas, socks and any other knick-knacks for myself. Can’t help it!


Yankee Candle in Cherry Vanilla is really amazing, you should give it a try if you love sweet scents.

The gorgeous red wooly socks are from Tesco’s F & F line. These are quite pricey, but definitely worth all the money you are paying. Wooden candle holders are pretty amazing as well, just make sure to get your candles in a right sizes! And last but not least – Spiced Pumpkin Pie scent.. O M G. It’s all about the Christmas, I promise. It’s just everything in one jar! Smells like a sweet heaven.. I have it on my work desk now, I just can’t stop smiling!!!

Since I have most of my decorations now, it’s time to think about presents. As usual I need a great present for my lovely man! Any ideas?

Merry upcoming Christmas! xx




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