Food, Diets and ME.

I LOVE food – let’s start from that. Food is one of the best things in life. Why? It’s delicious, it makes you feel happy and excited while you are waiting for your planned meal!

Once I loved food so much, that I gained 8 extra kilograms on top of my perfect 56kg.. And when I have finally noticed this, it was already too late! Nothing helped me, neither gym nor any diets. And you know why? Because I couldn’t resist to have a bite of delicious slice of pizza or have a pack of crisps for my late movie evening snack! ๐Ÿ™‚

However I tried really hard when I understood that I looked so much better before, and now I became a soft chubby lady who’s getting old and fat! And who wants that? Not me! So it’s been a while for me eating healthy lunches at work, drinking loads of water, exercising (at home of course, apparently I’m too lazy to go to the gym), and eating only healthy snacks! And now I’m finally 60kg, without any diets, eating good but healthy food! And to be honest, I don’t want to be any skinnier – a woman must be a woman in my opinion!

My advice for you – eat everything, but don’t eat too much! Forget sweets & cakes, for snacks have an apple. Drink as much water as you can, and when you can’t – drink green tea with a slice of lemon! Have 1 proper meal a day, because it is very important! And never starve yourself, this is the worst thing you can do.. It brings unhappiness and in the end you can gain more weight when you will start eating normally! Love your life, enjoy it, and trust your heart!

On weekends I allow myself to have anything I want, sometimes I can go crazy with food! Italian, Chinese, Lithuanian are my favourite cuisines.


Not only I love visiting great restaurants, but I do love cooking and experimenting in my kitchen! I can do anything without following recipes, measuring and cooking under some kind of rules.. I HATE RULES! In kitchen I’m relaxing and creating some amazing miracles, and my partner is lucky to try them all!


Maybe some of my dishes do not look as good as I want them to, but believe me – nothing can beat the taste!

Since everyone is hungry now, let’s cook! ๐Ÿ™‚

With love,

Your A xx


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