Hello, World!

Here is my first blog.

I’ve never been a big writer, but I realised that I have to share so much!

The most difficult part of everything is beginning. It takes sooo much effort to start doing something! At least for me. Or is it for everyone?

To get off your bed in early morning. Move. Work. Start looking for a better job, new opportunities. When you know that you can, but you just can’t help it. Sleep is the best!

But sleep is evil. Instead of sleeping I know we could do so much!

So here it’s me! Ausra. That’s my name. Or just call me iUnique. I just found this name very unique, hahaha.

I love doing something – anything actually. But I have one problem – I never finish what I start. I’ve been in business, I’ve been jewellery designer – just got bored after some time.

There is one thing I will never get bored of – I just LOVE fashion. Beauty. Quality. And travelling is my greatest passion.

For all those reasons I’ve started my Youtube channel & this blog. I want to share my knowledge and ideas with you. It’s currently half Lithuanian, half English, but I will end up with English eventually. Sometimes I just feel like relaxing and talking in my own language.


Anyway, it’s nice to meet you. It’s me, iUnique. Have a beautiful day xx


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